A rare scene in Austin: frozen pool

austin snow apocalypse frozen pool nole creative


It was pretty at first...

We rarely get snow in Austin, just a trace is all. But this winter was different. A snow storm hit Texas and it hit us hard on everything including basic utilities -  millions had to face the ultra inconveniences of no running water, heat, and electricity for days.

It bluntly showed how unprepared for mere freezing temperature and how dependent we are on the grid. To make the matters worse, this made me realize I'm not as strong as I thought I was. Rather than using my energy positively to overcome the situation, I found myself giving up on things, complaining, and blaming. I was helpless and weak when facing inconveniences. And I'm a mom who's responsible for two human beings!

Neighbors, Austinites, Texans... I hope you're coping well and taking care of others and yourself as well.


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