Orchids in a cloud forest

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Forest bathing in the clouds

During our one year travels, we went to a cloud forest in....Singapore! This tiny nation has impressively incorporated nature into an urban city. One of main examples was the Cloud Forest dome that they built by the bay. It was a replica of a cloud forest, only in a massive chilled dome.

Nature is the greatest source of inspiration, artificial or not.

The temperature and humidity were changing as we walked up the "mountain". It was fascinating to experience the different surroundings depending on the altitude and see various kinds of lush greens and vibrant flowers, especially bold colored orchids with intricately shaped blossoms. They were saying the secret of their beauty is the clouds they drink :)

nole creative singapore cloud forest travel blog orchid

Art inspired by Cloud Forest

nole creative framed canvas art orchid singapore cloud forest nole creative framed canvas art abstract singapore cloud forest


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