Driveway Pop-up

neighborhood popup nole creative driveway art show


With all craft markets canceled this year, I decided to host my own pop-up in our driveway. It was my attempt to make lemonade out of 2020's lemons :)

On the event day, I was woken up by a loud noise of thunder. Why now...we had sunny days forever here in Austin and no rain forecast last time I checked the weather before going to bed. But here we go, another 2020 lemon.

We were waiting for the rain to pass and when it finally died down, we were getting ready to set up the walls. And surely the rain drops started to get heavy. Now what do we do...we decided to set it up in our garage. 

Thankfully a few people came by, browsed my art as well as our messy garage inevitably. Finally the sky cleared up, we shook the trees so no water drops on the frames, and moved our walls to the driveway for better visibility for passersby. But by the time we moved it, it was almost 12pm, the end of the scheduled event. We decided to leave it open a bit longer and sneakily put our sign right next to the estate sign to get traffic. 


neighborhood popup nole creative driveway

neighborhood popup nole creative driveway


Was it a success? I guess not, because we had to pack all my frames right back into the boxes. Surely disappointed but I got to meet our neighbors who are willing to make their way to check out my art, and I wouldn't be able to meet them if it wasn't for this occasion.

That afternoon, our son made art and asked me if I wanted to buy one. I gladly did and paid him $6 :)


neighborhood popup nole creative driveway



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    What a lovely “lemonade”. I love the idea, and thanks for sharing. Especially your son’s art at the end is just 🥰.
    I unfortunately heard about it too late this time. I would love to see this turn into a trend all over Austin!

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