I dream of painting and then paint my dream

nole creative van gogh quote i dream of painting and then paint my dream

Did you know...

Van Gogh only sold a single piece of his painting in his life. And that was to a sister of his friend's.

He has an extreme talent, but sadly too talented to get noticed by ordinary people during his lifetime. Act of painting was therapeutic for his fragile soul but the acknowledgement from the world came too late.

His work finally began to be valued after his death. Most of his drawings with bold and dramatic brush strokes, that are famously known today, are from the last two years of his life. And two years may not have been long enough to be recognized.

nole creative van gogh red vineyards
The Red Vineyards – the only painting known by name that Van Gogh sold

An artist is like a creator of a fashion house (think Chanel, Tom Ford, Versace) – an artist is a brand itself. She invents a uniquely brilliant look and establishes its popularity associated with her name. People just don't buy high fashion brand items, they collect them.

The famous Dutch artist, Rembrandt was a great artist but also a great marketer. He produced nearly 100 self-portraits and people were able to recognize his unique style of paintings associated with the artist.

I've been in the Art world for a year now and it's been fascinating to be in.

To all of Van Gogh out there who paint your dreams, I hope your talents feed you to keep going.

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