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We gave up on a lot of things when our family decided to take a trip for a year. We left behind all the belongings we had accumulated and reduced them into two suitcases. We left and didn't look back.

In return, we gained so much... of intangible things - (unfortunately including the arguments between me and my husband!) the memories, the time spent with our kids and grandparents, cultural experiences in different countries, and most of all, we gained some sort of clarify on what we want for our life. My passion for drawing resurfaced and I'd rather want to be a "starving artist" but in control of my life. I'm still struggling with self-doubt, but it would be foolish not to pursue my dream because it's not an easy path.

I've been always drawn to minimalism, happier with fewer things. That becomes challenging with kids... but when I was single, I lived in a 300 sq studio apartment with my bed and desk/table in the living room. As long as I had space for my digital piano, I was happy.

When we were traveling for a year, it was not the stuff that I missed, I missed comforts, such as being able to go see our doctor when our daughter got sick and not having to navigate healthcare in foreign countries. And I missed my alone time. I was aware that I would be with my family 24 hours a day, but when it became everyday, there were times that I wanted to escape. Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly but with my introvert artist nature, I needed personal space to think and be in the zone as I thrive in solitude.

Despite some downside, the experiences we went through as a family are priceless. And we reaffirmed our beliefs, 'less is more' and 'quality over quantity'. I try to live through those lessons and hope my art exemplifies them and ultimately inspires you to create a life of more by having less.

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    Thank you so much, allowing me to BE with you, and enjoy your experiences as you grow, travel and learn! And I love the cards I bought from you. Keep writing, and FLOWERING!!! Respectfully, Bonnie in New York City….

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