Nole is featured in Austin Home magazine!

eun barron nole creative austin home


Nole Creative is featured in Austin Home, Summer 2020 edition! 

I'm overjoyed that universe is starting to notice me more. Extremely grateful to everyone who's been following me and giving me support, which lead to this wonderful media coverage.

This is a milestone moment in Nole's history. I'm taking small steps day by day, doing what I need to do - in this case, what I enjoy to do - and acknowledging achievements along the way.

Do I want to fly to get to the destination instead of walking? Yes, absolutely. But no microscopic steps are insignificant. Without them, I wouldn't be able to fly when time comes. 

When I was cold calling numerous publications, I didn't expect one of the biggest local publications would give me a chance. If you can imagine it and believe it, you can achieve it.


eun barron nole creative austin home


"In 2018, fueled by career burnout, graphic designer Eun Barron and her husband made a bold decision: They quit their jobs in Washington state and spent a year traveling to 13 countries with their two children."...

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Featured art in Austin Home magazine

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