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Time for stillness and inner reflection.

Whether you like to be by yourself or you don't find it painful to be alone, you probably have more time to yourself than ever before. (Unless you're a parent!)

One positive thing for me in this new slowed-down life is that it has affected me to be less obsessive, especially with success and money. I guess the fact that I've got nothing much to obsess over to begin with helps ;)

It's been a year of my endeavor as a full time artist and I have decided to start picking back up design work again to support me and my family. However art will always be with me. It is what I enjoy, is how I express myself, and what gets me in the zone.

I was a bit down and went extreme by thinking my life is running out of time to be successful as an artist, but after thinking about it more and sleeping on it for some time, I came to a realization that the career that I had built as a graphic designer was not wasted. That's what makes my art unique - and vice versa - what makes my design unique.

It sounds like a cliche, but it's never too late to start what you really love! Your time and devotion to something in the past will influence your next adventure, and make it more interesting!


reflection framed canvas art nole creative

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  • Kate

    With all your travels, all your life endeavors, you have seen and experienced more beauty in your young lifetime then most of us who are decades older. Your amazing artistic talent allows your life experiences to come to life for us all to see without leaving our homes. This determines you ARE successful whether you make your art a business or simply show us a design to see in detail the beauty you actually experienced. Thank you for that.

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