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When we were quarantining on the farm in Missouri, the weather was wild. It was an orchestra of all different players - thunder, lightning, rainbow, and then sun. I enjoyed seeing the lightning through thick clouds, listening to the thunder, and smelling the rain. And it was surprisingly therapeutic.

At night, we would look for Venus, the brightest star - brighter than Sirius in April. As we stargaze, it occurred to me some of the stars that we're seeing don't exist by now. They travel tens, hundreds, and thousand light years to get to your eyes. It's impossible to fathom the vastness of the universe with human processing power, at least not with my scope of comprehension.

Stargazing gives me the moments of awe and wonder and my mind becomes at ease. And I stop identifying with the small stuff like my ego.

LOOK UP! Stars are one of nature's finest beauties that are available to anyone.


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