Wabi-Sabi: the art of imperfection

wabi sabi the art of imperfection moon jar 달항아리 nolecreative nole creative


When we were in Seoul, South Korea, we visited Insadong, an art district, I ran into the Korean traditional pottery, "Moon Jar", on display. Next to colorful and decorative souvenirs, this creamy, plain jar stood out for me.


insadong 인사동

Photo by SweetandtastyTV


Interesting fact that I learned was that in order to make the pottery this big by hand, the only way is to make two halves and join them together. Hence, the imperfection. 

This asymmetrical porcelain with some crack lines in some areas, transmitted the artisan's ardent craftsmanship.

People get drawn to imperfections because they are real. I prefer real flowers that have some brown spots and eventually wilt, to those perfect fake flowers that don't arouse any senses.


wabi sabi the art of imperfection moon jar 달항아리 Met Metropolitan museum of art

Photo by The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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