Why we moved to Austin TX

nole creative art travel book austin tx
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I was not born and raised in Austin, in fact across the pacific ocean in Seoul, South Korea. It took some journey to get to Austin, but this city is our home and will become our kids hometown.

When we first visited Austin it was in April and it was 90 degrees already! Besides pretty Colorado river and friendly Austinites, the first impression was not necessarily breathtaking. The city seemed to be built around cars (no sidewalks at least where we were staying), No Gun signs at the stores in downtown, BBQ and Tex-Mex galore (not a happy place for non-meat eaters).

But we decided to give Austin a second chance and found a house and a neighborhood that checks a lot of boxes off our wish list - a parklike view from our backyard, walking distance to school and park, within a ten minute drive to places, good schools, and healthy diversity with occasional deer mixed in.


nole creative austin tx


Along with its quirky culture, one of the biggest assets of the city in my opinion is Austinites. Friendly, kind-hearted people who are always willing to help. And that's really what makes any place memorable and beautiful.

The first day we moved in, a deer casually walked up to our fence and checked on the new faces of our family. Hey deer, we kind of like it here!


nole creative austin tx art colorado river

Colorado river running through Austin downtown, click image to see this art



  • Kate

    Love the drawings…love your story! During a time when things seem so negative, your writings are so uplifting and let’s me feel like I am on a journey with you…thank you!



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